How to Preserve Lemons

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Make sure the salt is non-iodized, otherwise your lemons will have a strong aftertaste

Meyer lemons produce a milder flavor, but any kind will do

Wash your lemons and dry them completely

Wash and dry the jar(s) you plan to use. Any size jar will work. Sterilization is not necessary for this kind of preserving, since the citrus and salt will work together to preserve the lemons

Optional spicebay leaves

Optional spicewhole peppercorns

Optional spicedried chilies

Slice your lemon in half, then slice in half almost but not entirely through the rind, then repeat that cut again so the lemon is quartered, but still in one piece

Here the lemon is quartered, but still in one piece

Add salt to cover the bottom of the jar. No need to measure the salt!

Press the lemon into the salt, then place in jar

Add the lemon half to the jar, then shake the jar with the lid on to fully coat the lemon. Add more salt if the lemon is not coated well.

Repeat this step until your jar is full of lemons, adding salt as necessary so lemon is well coated

Use the juicer and fill your jar with lemon juice at least half way to help the preserving process

Seal the jar by screwing the lid on tightly if you do not wish to add spices

Add spices of your choosing, then seal jar.

Shake jar daily to coat lemons, and store in a bright sunny location. Over the course of one week the juice level should increase, if not, open jar and add more lemon juice

After 4-6 weeks lemons should intensify in color. Be sure to shake jar weekly after the first week. When the color has darkened, lemons should be ready. Lemons on right are ready to eat

The texture will be softer, and the fragrance stronger. Slice lemon (including rind) and add to salad dressing, roasts and other dishes. Lemons keep in sealed jar for 6 months, no refrigeration needed

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