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To take a screenshot of your iPod, press the home and on/off button. Then Presto! A screenshot!

CAMERAto take a sideways snapshot, you can hold the +volume button , and it will take the picture.

CAMERAsto focus on an object on your camera, simply tap the object on the screen and take the picture.

CAMERATo quickly slide from your camera to your photos, you can slide right from your camera, and there will be the last photo you took.

SHORTCUTSIf you tap the top of the screen, a black tab (shown above) should appear. Drag this down to the bottom of the screen and your notifications should appear. tap the notification to go to it.

SHORTCUTSTo quickly scroll to the top of any message, email, SMS, Internet page, and more, tap the top bar and you'll be to the top in about 0.63684102 seconds.

SHORTCUTSto quickly multitask, tap the home button twice. Your recent apps will show. Scroll to the left to see your music/volume and portrait lock options, and scroll right to see more apps.

SHORTCUTSif you are a few pages of apps away from your home screen, tap the home button instead of swiping to come to the home page.

BATTERY LIFEone way to keep your iPod's battery life to last longer is to keep your iPod in temperatures from 32*F through 60*F.

BATTERY LIFEanother way to make your battery life last longer is to turn off Wi-Fi, location services, and Bluetooth. To turn off all of these features at once, turn on airplane mode.

MUSICto delete songs, artists, or albums, simply swipe the song, artist, or album and hit delete.

MUSICto listen to music in the lock screen, tap the home button twice. Pause, play, fast forward, and rewind button should show. Tap on "play" to play a song.

MUSICturn your iPod sideways while on the music app to see cover flow. This allows you to scroll through albums. Tap on an album cover to see the songs in the album.

MUSICshake your iPod while in the music app to shuffle your songs. If this doesn't work, go to settings>music>shake to shuffle and turn the switch on.

KEYBOARDYou can enable emoji on your iPod. Just go to settings> general> keyboard. Hit "add keyboard" and look for emoji. 😃

KEYBOARDYou can switch to and from different keyboards by holding the globe down on any keyboard. All the keyboards you have enabled should show. Tap on one to use that keyboard.

KEYBOARDletters,punctuations,or characters may have a secret. Hold the letter,punctuation,or character down.A list of different forms of that character will appear.Slide your finger to one to use.

KEYBOARDTo turn on caps lock, double-tap the shift button and type. IT'S FUN!!

KEYBOARDto quickly make a period and a space, double-tap the space key. If you actually want two spaces, tap the space bar once, wait a few seconds, then tap again.

KEYBOARDWant to put another letter in between a word?You can!Hold the part of the word were you want to add to it, and a magnifying glass will appear.Move the magnifying glass were you want to type.


OTHERIf you iPod's screen is frozen, hold the on/off button and the home button for ten seconds, ignoring the "power off" switch.


OTHERif you hold the home button down for a few seconds, VoiceOver will come on. You can ask it to play, music, make FaceTime calls, and more. You can even ask "what time is it?"


OTHER:You can make apps into folders by holding down an app until it starts to wiggle.Move the wiggling app onto another wiggling. a folder(as shown)should appear.You can also name your folder.


OTHERYou can pause an app when downloading by tapping the app once. To un pause the app from downloading, just tap it again.

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