How to Roast Your Own Coffee

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We're about to start on an epic adventure of aroma and satisfaction. Coffee roasting takes time but you'll taste just how wonderful doing it really is. So let's get started. Ready?

You'll need some green beans. I buy from but many sites offer green beans (any favorites out there coffee enthusiasts?).

Green beans don't smell great but will once they're roasted they will!

Because the beans loose about 20% of their weight during the roast, weigh out more than you need.

Dump the beans into your roaster. Here we've built a roaster from parts at Home Depot. Quite easy and inexpensive to do.

Pre-heat grill to 500F/260C and try your best to keep it at 500F/260C during the roast.

Put the tumbler in the grill and begin to rotate slowly.

OPTIONALI like to had a bit of tobacco during the roast to give it a bit of a sweet, and bold taste. I add the tobacco about half way though the roast.

For a medium roast you'll roast for about 17min at 500F/260C and for a darker roast it'll be close to 25 minuets.

Keep an eye on the beans for color changes. Also listen; the bean will go through two stages of cracks. They're subtle but you'll hear then at about 7min and again at around 17min.

Once they have reached their time or are the desired color, remove from grill and dump into sifter. Sifter made from small grate and 2" x 4"s.

Shake vigorously. Feel free to bust out the electric slide here. You're that much closer to an amazing cup o' joe.

I use a fan as well. It's important to cool the beans as fast as possible. They'll continue to roast inside if they are not cooled and then you'll end up with burnt coffee.

Let the coffee sit for 12 hours so that it releases the CO2 gas still left from roasting. Go ahead... Brew some of that hard earned, incredibly fresh coffee. You deserve it. Sharing is optional.

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