How to Make a Cute Storage Basket

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This is what you will need and scissors

Blow your balloon to any size you want

Tie a not to the top of the balloon

Wrap the wool around balloon tightly

Keep wrapping

Keep wrapping. Wrap as much as you can. You may have some place that Dont have wool but try to get wool around it all

Cut the thread and tuck i under the other treads to hold I place

Put PVA glue and water into bowl and spread over balloon add a lot of it

Add lots of glue

Cover in glue and hang using piece of string. From step 3. Hang for a few days

Pop the balloon and cut open and remove balloon left on inside( swipe for more information

Push the bottom to help it stand Swipe for more info

My balloon poped while I left it out to dry so I had to is this video from better homes and gardens

Of course it doesn't have to be an easter bunny it could be anything you want


Watch the video: Lets Create a Round Bottom Fabric Basket - Sewing a Round Bottom

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