How to Make a Mashed Potato

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The ingredient milk, salt, pepper, potatoes , butter

Prepare some water to put potatoes

Add some salt into the water

Peel off potatoes and put into the water while preparing other ingredient

Chop onions..(as I dun really like to eat onion,just add based on your own preference):)

The onions

Chopped chopped~

Start cook all the potatoes..**the water must fill up cover all the potatoes.

Add some salt

Prepare the butter

Melt the butter

In the progress~

This is the mixture...milk + butter

The potatoes almost done

Take out and let cold a while(caution hot!)

Due to I did not have the mashed potato tools, I'm using a fork and spoon only:)

In ball shape:p

Mix the mashed potatoes with onion

Cook the mashed potatoes with mixture

Steer it


Add some black pepper


Steer non stop to avoid it "burned out"


Da da!!!deng deng deng !! The dish is ready!!:)


I added some garlic bread :) this is the homemade breakfast!

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