How to Cook Aglio Olio

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Prepare your first set of items by the side, salt, olive oil and most importantly the pasta.

Put in water to the top of the pot, add in olive oil and 1 tsp of salt. And wait for it to boil.

The ingredients you want to add in to your pasta. You can add as many as you want, depending on your own personal needs and wants.

Add in your pasta to the boiling water.

Cut the chilli padi (depending on personal preference)

Stir the pasta till it's half cooked. Then drain out the water.

Keep checking on your pasta to check if it's half cooked before taking them out from the pot.

Remember not to leave the pot unattended. The reason why you have to stir it's because you want to prevent the pasta from getting sticked together.

Taste one strand of the pasta. If it's chewy means your done.

Put your pasta in a basket to drained the water out.

Prepare your frying pan, and switch it to low fire heat.

Add your olive oil.

Add it till it cover the bottom part. Don't worry olive oil is healthy.

Add in your garlic first. To start of the smell for your AGLIO OLIO. Garlic is very important.

Stir your garlic at a low fire heat temperature.

Just keep stirring till it's brown.

Once the garlic turn brown. Add in all the ingredients you want in your Aglio Olio.

After adding them, continue to stir and mix them well.

After mixing and stirring your ingredients, add in your pasta.


Once adding them. Start mixing them. So that the sauce and the ingredients will be with the pasta.


Add about 2 to 3 pinch of salt. Depending on your pasta size.


After adding the salt. Continue to stir them.


Just keep stirring and mixing. You don't want one part of the pasta to be tasteless.


Add pepper (depending on how much spice you want)


Continue to keep stirring and make sure that your pasta is being well stirred.


Try one bite and see if your salt, pepper or any other ingredients that you've added is sufficient or not.


And you're done.

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