How to Make Potato Salad

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Boil, cool, and cut potatoes into nice sized chunks.

Chop green pepper into small cubes.

Chop/Mince onion finely.

Add all main ingredients to a large mixing bowl.

Add approximately 1.5 cups of mayo. No need to be accurate...add more or less to desired consistency.

Gather spices...and add seasoning to taste. A few shakes of each to start.

Everything in the bowl ready to be mixed!

Mixing is best done by hand, plastic gloves and clean hands ...minus jewelry!

....the fun part....MIX!

Add two tablespoons of white vinegar.

"Lady's Choice..." use only the best! :-)

All done! Ready to transfer into a nice clean bowl for storage in the refrigerator.

Top it off with a few sprinkles of paprika to make it look colorful.

...and there you have it. Potato Salad! Refrigerate for several hours to let the seasonings and favors meld together. Season more if desired once ready to serve.

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