How to Make an Origami Balloon

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Fold paper in half

Fold paper in half again, right to left

Open the first flap and ....


Now turn the whole thing over

Take the square that's left (shown halfway flipped) and move it to the other side

It should now look like this

Now do the same thing as before. Open the flap…

And flatten! It should now look like this

Now bring the corners up to the top and crease. As shown in the video

Now bring in the side corners to the center and fold so that it looks like the picture

Fold down the top part as shown

Now fold down the corners again Then tuck in the corners you folded (if that's confusing, watch the video)

Now flip over the whole thing and repeat from step 10 to this one.

It should now look like this on both sides

Here comes the fun part.. Find the side with the hole. Then watch the video

:) just blow into that side and there you go, a paper balloon! Tell me how yours works out :)

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