How to make sesame chicken for the first day of winter

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Michiu is a Taiwanese cooking wine ( taste like vodka )

* use sesame oil to stir fry sliced ginger until it turn brown. Next, add green onion and chicken and stir fry them until they turn gold. Your kitchen will fill up the smell of sesame.

Don't be afraid at this step, pour the whole bottle of Michiu in the pot or as much as it cover chicken.

If you afraid of the taste of alcohol, you can only pour half bottle and add water till it cover chicken.

Boil. Boil. Boil and keep boiling for 30 mins. Add salt to taste. At this point, if you think the taste of alcohol is too strong, you can keep boiling the soup until alcohol get burned off.

Enjoy your delicious winter soup! I'm sorry if the pics don't look tasty. It's a very typical Taiwanese food and trust me, it is just hit the spot when I'm homesicking.

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