How to make almond milk, silky and creamy

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PREPARING THE ALMONDS. Soak 1 HEAPING cup of almonds over night (6-8 hours). If you want it creamier use 1.5 cups of almonds. Water should be murky in the end. Just rinse until water is clear.

You can either keep the skin (to save time) or manually remove the skin to maximize the taste. Otherwise, you can buy almond that already has the skin off but you'll still need to soak overnight.

HOW TO REMOVE THE SKINDo this after soaking the almonds overnight.

The skin will be plump and soft.

Grab firmly, twist and push the skin from the nut.

TIME TO BLEND...Get the equipment.

Set up the nut bag, strainer and large measuring cup (or bowl) like this.

Drain the water from the almonds. Pour 4 cups of filtered water into the blender.

Put 2 pinches of salt and 1-2 tablespoons of honey or agave nectar into the blender (the basics). You can customize with dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, chocolate powder, coconut milk, etc.

Blend on high for several minutes, (depending on your blender) until it appears creamy, not gritty.

Pour the milk into the milk bag. I don't like cheese cloth. A superfine mesh nylon bag is the best way to do this.

Allow a few minutes for the milk to drain.

Twist the bag to get more milk.

With the pulp that is left, you can discard or dry it to make almond flour.

I used 4 cups of water but you can see that I made nearly 4.5 cups of almond milk. Nice!

Silky smooth almond milk. NO PULP!!!

Pour it into a jar/pitcher for storage in the refrigerator. It should keep well for 3-4 days. Just make sure to stir or mix up the milk before you drink it.

Enjoy!!! It is a very easy process. Way healthier, tastier and cheaper than store bought almond milk! It doesn't take too much time.

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