How to make anise & mint clementins

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There's no reason to skip this recipe just because you don't eat raw egg. Just serve something else to the clementines or eat them as they are or with custard or whatever you like best.

This recipe serves 4 persons.

Peel the clementines and try to remove as much of the white stuff as possible. Slice the chili.

Put the clementines in a glass jar or bowl.

In a pan bring water, white treacle, Chinese anise, chili and fresh mint to a boil.

Like so.

Pour the syrup over the clementines.

Make sure the fruit is covered in syrup.

Keep in the fridge until serving it.

In a small bowl mix the egg yolk...

..with the honey.

Like so.

Carefully blend the egg and honey with the whipped cream.

Serve the honey sauce to the spiced-up clementines.

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