How to enhance christmas bulb blooms

The quick growth of the Paperwhite plant can cause "flop" of the blooms. The Ilex berries are a pretty "fix" for the "flop" problem.

Fill the 8" dish with soaked floral foam to sit just below the lip. Secure with waterproof tape. The 6" pot and liner will hold the plant, for a cohesive look between the two.

Plant the paperwhite into the liner then place in the pot. A trick to keep the water from the foam creeping up the clay pot is to place a small piece of plastic under the base.

Now the creative part. Add the Ilex berries in a ring around the pot. Use the natural curve in the stems to create the cage for the blooms. A dab of cold glue will keep the stems securely in place.

Once all the berries are in place, cover the foam and soil with sphagnum moss for added texture and a soft finishing touch.

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