How to blanch a tomato

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Step one Hello, my name is Brittany Uglow, and I'll be showing you how to blanch a tomato in a few quick, and easy steps. The materials you will need are listed under the supplies tab.

Step Two Grab your pot, and fill about 3/4 of the way full with water or enough to cover the tomato. Then take the pot of water and place on stove. You will want the water to be at a rapid boil.

Step Three Grab your knife and your tomato. Make an X on the top of the tomato. It doesn't have to be deep but enough to cut the skin. The purpose is to allow the skin to be easily peeled off.

Step Four Core the tomato by using the teeth, pushing it in on the bottom, twist, and pull up. If you don't have a corer just use your knife, and cut out of the bottom.

Step Six Place the tomato in the ice water.Let it completely cool. The skin should peel right off easily and some might end up in water.Pull out of the water and start at the X and pull down the skin.

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