How to make a plush jean bunny with hot glue

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Get a pair of jeans or jean shorts that u don't mind cutting

Cut the legs off

Cut them a tiny bit taller than you want the height of your bunny, and cut a slit in the bottom(for the legs)

Cut a slit in the top and round both sides off (for the ears)

Make sure that the inside of the jeans is facing outward

And make sure that both sides of the jean are cut

Cut the hem off if u have a hem on yours

Round off the legs a little bit

Glue around the leg edge

Keep gluing!!

Glue around mostly the whole thing, but make sure u leave a decent sized hole that's not glued so that u can turn it right side out

Turn it right side out

Leave the hole that's not glued so u can stuff it

Stuff it

Glue the hole together once u are done stuffing

Cut out arms and, use the same technique as u did for the body of the bunny. This should give u little arms that u can glue to the sides of your bunny

Put the arms on in different positions to give your bunny some personality if u want to :)

Add a button nose and button eyes, and use some string to form your bunny's mouth

U could use almost anything to make this bunny's eyes, nose, body and mouth. U could decorate it however u want to.... So be creative!!! Add your own personal touches!!

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