How to create a candy cane wreath

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Plug in hot glue gun so it can heat up!

Now put to candy canes of same color or not into a heart shape

Do that will all your candy canes and lay them out to see how big you like the reef

It should look something like this

Now for hot glue!! Put it on the side of the end


Do the same on the bottom


Repeat on the rest

Let dry

Lay out

Glue them together

Glued!! Let dry

Get writing utensil

Make a circle as big as the center of your reef

Cut out and see if it figs

Write a cute message! (Cuter than mine)

Hot glue a circle around

Stuck on and there ya go!

Add ribbon

All done!!!

Watch the video: Double Dollar Tree Candy Cane Burlap Door HangerWreath


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