How to antique shiny brass door knobs

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Remove door knobs

Boil in Soda Water (1 Tbs. Soda per quart of water)

When they tie cloudy, remove from boiling water and drop on ice water.

Start by breaking the lacquer lauer with the edge of a screwdriver and use a spudger to remove the rest. Pieces like to linger around the screw holes and on the joint between base and knob.

Holding knob by non-brass parts to avoid fingerprints, clean with an acetone soaked cotton ball. Dip in Brass Darkening solution (Rockler).

Leave in solution until desired color achieved. (Black is last). Wash with water to remove residue and allow to air dry.

Use 0000 steel wool to remove desired amount of oxidation.

Spray with Lacquer and let dry 24 hours.

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