How to make your own tic tac minions

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I used acrylic paint, which worked fine for me, but you can use vinyl paint instead.

Begin by drawing the little eyes; you'll mark the white zone to be avoided with paint.

Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can (and will) redraw the eyes later.

Paint the yellow zone; it's about 3/4 of the minions body.

Make it easier: focus only on painting around the eyes area, and let it dry completely before continuing.

You might trim the brush to make it thinner and easier to paint with.

You could use a fan if necessary, or if you have sweaty hands like me.

After washing your brush, paint the blue overall.

Don't be perfectionist, 'cause you'll only get yourself stressed, and I'm sure that the person who you are going to give this, will appreciate it though it's not perfect :)

Let it dry and redraw the eyes and add details: hair, mouth and the elastic band of the glasses. Give every minion its own personality.

Look, a naked minion!

Your own minion army!

Since we used acrylic/vinyl paint, the Tic Tacs aren't eatable anymore. But, who would want to eat such adorable minions?

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