How to build an enlightening office companion

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My wife is gone the whole week and I'll be working a lot from home this year. So I thought, I could use some company.

The inspiration came from IKEAhackers, though it wasn't described how to build it

All you need is an IKEA Tertial work lamp and some wire ties.

Do not assemble the Tertial lamps...

... just create arms & legs by attaching the lamps to each other in the right positions: His shoulders and his crotch.

There will be coming 5 cables out his back. I covered them up with a pillow.

I hid the plug board behind the chair and connected it to a radio receiver. This way I can turn him on & off using a remote.

For his "face" I used a special bulb: The Plumen 001 to make it more interesting

For the future I was thinking about replacing the bulbs with Philips Hue for interesting effects

Done. Now I'm not alone while working at home.

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