How to make sautéed garlicky green beans

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Lets start by trimming the ends of the green beans

Like this

Take a pot and set it over medium heat. Add the green beans to the water as soon as the water comes to a rolling boil

Add some salt and cook the beans for 5-6 minutes. I like mine al dente.

Prepare an ice bath by adding ice to a bowl with some water

After the 5 or 6 minutes remove the green beans using a slotted spoon

Immediately immerse them in the ice water. This stops them from further cooking

let it soak in there for a few minutes.

Remove the green beans once it has cooled onto another bowl

Lets start the sauté. In a pan set over medium heat add the olive oil.

to the olive oil add the crushed garlic

Cook the garlic gently to release its flavor into the oil, don't let it burn.

One the oil is fragrant add the green beans

stir this gently

Season with salt.

and pepper

Add a tbs of yummy butter to finish it off. Yum. I love butter

Let it melt

Serve Hot.

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