How to fold an origami infinity heart

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Starting with coloured side down, fold in half horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Fold the edges into the center

Turn over and reinforce ( refold ) the folds like so.

Then fold in half.

Fold diagonally but instead of creasing, make a pinch...

Right here!

Make a fold from the top centre to the bottom right corner and pinch...

Over the other pinch! Then, where they cross over...

Fold down!

Open and squash fold both sides.

Fold down the top to the middle

Inside-reverse fold like so.

Squash fold the little triangles.

Then tuck the ends in the first layer.

TADA! One side done!

Repeat steps 10 - 23 on the other side.

Open up your model.

And collapse as shown.


Overlap one flap on one side,

And the other flap on the other side!

TADA! Your done!

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