How to make a paper football

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Start with a sheet of lined paper with the holes on the top

I prefer to use lined paper other than normal because it is thin, which can make folding ALOT easier!

Fold the top half of the sheet down as shown

Then fold the top half down again as shown

Now turn the paper vertical

Fold the top to the bottom again

Make a pencil line at the crease to see it better

Fold the bottom half off to the side at the crease to create a backwards L shape

Fold upwards at the top of the triangle

Flip over the paper and fold the extra paper around the back

Flip it back over and the fold the small piece of paper at the edge of the square

Tuck the extra portion into the triangle

Mark the top of the square (as seen above)

Fold the paper down at the line you made

Fold the extra piece of paper behind the square


Fold down the tiny rectangle at the top

Fold the entire thing down and tuck it in

Now comes the tricky part. Slightly curve the top portion of the square to make it easier to fold

Tuck in the triangle all the way

Viola! You have just finished your Paper Football! You can decorate yours, like I did mine

Watch the video: HOW TO MAKE A Flick Football. Paper football. Origami. DIY.

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