How to make a no sew infinity scarf with a old a t-shirt

You will need a old T-Shirt and a pair of scissors✂️

Cut the sleeves off

Fold In half, and cut 1 inch wide stripes until the end on the sleeve.( from left to right, not top to bottom) 1 used 15 stripes for my scarf.

Like this :)

Now taking those stripes, wrap it around your hand 3-4 times. The more times you wrap it, the smaller and tighter your scarf rings will be.

I wrapped it around 4 times

Now cut out small strings of fabric and tie two rings together.

From there just continue tying the rings together!

Done! This is a basic white one but you can experiment with different colored fabrics and pattern😃

Thank you:D

Watch the video: How to Make a No-Sew Infinity Scarf from a T-Shirt by Savannah Starr

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