How to make fresh pasta

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Take both your flours and lightly mix, then put them in a clean work surface and make a well in the middle but not so much that you hit the bottom

Then crack you egg in to the well and slowly combine with the flour with a fork ( sorry I have little pictures I managed to delete some)

Then squish it into a ball and start needing it this can take up to 10 minuets but you will know when it's done when it starts to go more yellow and smooth and less crumbly and floury.

roll out your dough, this can take also a long time unless you have a pasta maker but you want it about the thickness of a 5p (America I think a quarter would be an ok size). Then cut into strips.

Now place your salt in your boiling water and place your pasta gently In it to. Depending on how thin you managed to get it will depend on timing but mine took a bout 2 and 1/2 minuets but just try it

Then either top with you favourite sauce or use in a pasta dish. Or go simple and coat it in olive oil and parmesan like I did. ENJOY!

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