How to make dangly cluster earrings

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Choose your beads. About 8 per earring worked well for me!

To begin, take a single cap bead, a single large bead, and one headpin.

Hold the headpin in your fingers, taking note of which end has the flat stopper so the beads don't fall off.

Take one cap bead. Mine are clear and round, but they can be any shape or colour depending whether you want them to stand out or not. Thread the bead onto the headpin.

Take your large bead.

Thread it on above the cap bead.

Repeat this for all the beads you wish to use.

Using scissors, cut the headpin.

Having about this much left of the pin in proportion to the beads make a good loop.

Put your tweezers/pliers about here on the metal, making sure you have a firm grip. Should be a little over halfway above the bead.

Bend the metal so it looks like this, but leave it open a little to loop it onto the chain later.

Should be a bit like this. The stripy photo is because of my flickery light aha:)

Put the tweezers/pliers inside the loop of the bottom of the earring hoop (the part that will go in your ear)

Bend this outwards to create an open loop.

Thread the end of the chain over the end of the open loop. Like this.

Close the open loop to keep the chain there.

Like this.

Attach the loop of your largest bead to the other end of the chain, like this.

Using tweezers/pliers, close it over the chain so it can't fall off.

Should look like this. Make sure the metal loop is close enough together that the chain won't fit through.

Repeat with all the other beads you wish to put on, putting biggest beads at the bottom and the smallest at the top.

Repeat to get your second earring!! And you have just made your very own earrings:)

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