How to make your own bubbles and bubble blower

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Take lid off

See that ring? Ur going to take that off too. This will be the ring for blowing the bubbles...


You can take the wrapper off to if u want, so u can see it better and so it looks nicer.

Now we're going to cut the top off. (The ring won't be able to fit into the water bottle unless we do so. I originally thought that we wouldn't have to, but we do. :( )

So then cut about 8 inches of tape off.

Make a cut to split the tape in half. After you make that cut, you can just rip it the rest of the way.( it's easier that way) this is only if ur using duck tape...

U r only going to use one of these to cover the top, but make sure u keep the other strip because u'll need it later.

Then, go to ur kitchen (in less for whatever reason u have the dish soap somewhere else...) and put some dish soap into the cup. Fill it up until it is at the point shown.

Then fill it up with water.

Take a straw or spoon, or something else to stir the soap and water

Take some Saran Wrap.....

And put it over ur bottle to seal it off. It will NOT make it not spill, but It will help if it gets tipped over.


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