How to make roasted chicken and lime rice

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First, preheat oven. I have a convection roast option, so I use that at 425°. If you don't have a convection oven, bake yours at 400°. While oven is warming up, wrap a 9x13 dish w tin foil. Less mess

I use chicken breasts on the bone. Skin on, and pat dry. The key to any well roasted meat is very dry skin. It will help crisp and brown up best. Place these in a large bowl

Now for a little oil rub. I usually have canola oil on hand but any oil will do. I use about a TB per breast. Rub well on all sides

Now for the spices. These are my picks: thyme, garlic SALT, Montreal steak seasoning, a chicken and rib seasoning and crushed red pepper.

First the crushed pepper. I season to taste so just a few shakes

Then the thyme

Heavy hand with the chicken and rub seasoning

Just as heavy handed with the Montreal stake seasoning

And tons of the garlic salt. Once all this is done I shake off the excess and pat all over chicken sides. Making a rub from the oil and spices

As you can see, it looks less coated and more rubbed in. Place in your dish

I used six breasts so I needed two pans. Four breasts will fit same pan. Place in oven and start baking. On the convection roast option, 25-27 minutes. On a bake option, about 45 minutes.

While the chicken is baking, I start the rice. In a large pot, sauté a whole onion in a little oil. About 3 TB of oil to a whole chopped onion

I cook these down for about 10 minutes on low. Beautiful color and better flavor

Next add 2 cups long grain white rice. Stir to warm and coat. Then remove from heat

Next, slice some limes. I use about 3 limes. Squeeze line juice into pan

Fresh cilantro, I use about 2TB. Throw that Into dish and stir. Next, add about 3 cups chicken broth. (I use the ratio for every one c rice, 1 1/2 c broth)

Return pot to HIGH heat until it starts to boil then turn heat to LOW and cover and simmer about 20 minutes.

Once the rice is done, stir and taste. If you want it to taste more like the lime you can add more juice at this point

Perfectly tender roasted chicken. Here's is the most important thing about meat after cooking. Let. It rest!! Before you cut into it. I let mine sit at least 10 minutes before I slice it up

Place a breast at a time on the cutting board

Rice meat from bones

Dice up, and place aside until you're ready to make the rice bowls. This chicken is perfect for so many dishes. I always have some of it in fridge for salads or soup or just to snack on

Place rice, chicken, and whatever else you like in your bowl. I always make skillet corn and serve with our rice bowls. Enjoy!

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