How to play sogs (a fun & easy to learn card game)

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Dealer deals 4 cards to each player (my players are sunscreen bottles).

Then, dealer puts The rest of cards in the middle. For this game, you do NOT show your cards but for this guide we will play open deck.

Oldest player flips the first card on the card pile.

Now lets look at the players cards. The object of the game is to get 4 of a kind, so lets see if anyone needs that seven. Nope! No one needs it, so we keep on going with the next player to the right.

The next card was a jack. Does anyone need it? Yes! The dealer needs it, so he will slap the card and say sogs! Then he will take the jack but also the seven because it was also in the pile.

Now, the dealer has 6 cards, everyone else has 4, and there are no cards to uh... Sog? So lets continue.

Oh no! Apparently, this player forgot to slap the jack before the dealer did! So now they will need to fight for the next jack.

No one needs it.

And not this one either. The players keep playing and they get some matches! Once you get a match, lay it down so everyone can see it.

The players kept playing until 2 cards were left. Before the game ends, there's one more tip thats very important throughout sogs...

Anytime during play, you may discard as many cards as you want to ONLY the player on your right. Here's why its important to do this. When the last card is flipped over, everyone must stop discarding

Someone can take the card though. Then, you sort out your matches, and make a pile of your cards that do not make a match. Now you'll see why its good to discard...

Now heres how you find out your score. This person has 5 matches, and three sevens left over. If the three cards left over were all different numbers, each card would take one match away, but...

Since they are all the same number, they only take away 1 match. Total score: 4

Lets look at this player's cards. This player has two matches and one seven left over, so the seven takes away 1 match.

Total score: 1

Now this player has 3 matches, but no left over cards so this player does not need to take away any piles Total score: 3

The dealer has one match and no left over cards. Total score: 1 (adult or older kid should do most scores.)

Now, i hope you understand how to play and get sogging! :P

Thx for watching! 100+likes and i'll make another guide that will show you how to play another great game!(hint:it has real magic in it! Like, no joke u can see for yourself in my next guide)


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